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100% foreign ownership through an existing overseas company. The KSA entity must be incorporated as a branch or subsidiary of an overseas company. 

Provision of the full suite of parent company corporate documents and one year of audited financial statements. Company documents and financial statements must be attested up to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in KSA.

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Saudi Arabian General Investment Authority (SAGIA)  

The Saudi Arabian General Investment Authority is the government entity that licenses foreign companies to operate in Saudi Arabia without a local partner. This is a mainland license with 100% foreign ownership.

The SAGIA Investor License is a company license category designed to attract highly scalable companies to Saudi Arabia. The Investor License is open to companies of all sizes setting up in the Kingdom, including international expansions of existing entities. 

Let the Numbers do the Talking

KSA has a total population of 35.9 million, of which 23 million are KSA nationals and circa 10 million are foreigners

KSA possesses approximately 20% of the world’s proven petroleum reserves. It ranks as the largest exporter of petroleum and plays a leading role in OPEC. The Saudi economy has experienced an annual average growth rate of 4% over the past seven years, supported by a pro-business environment that quickly moves the investors to the heart of the Arabic market.

1.6%  Population Growth
(Next 5 years)

19.84 Million
Saudi Labor Force

$ 782 Billion
Nominal GDP

$ 23,570
GDP Per Capital

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"We have been working with Rosemont Partners in Saudi Arabia since 2020. Dan and the KSA team handle all aspects of our post-licensing registrations and immigration requirements. The team at Rosemont provides regular, transparent communication and excellent ongoing support services. This has allowed us to focus on what matters most to us - the running of our business."



“ We started working with Rosemont Partners more than 4 years ago and since then our relationship has grown significantly spanning across projects both domestically and internationally, notably KSA, assisting us on all corporate service and company formation / management. Rosemont have become a trusted partner on complex structuring and company structure management. We find their level of practical and transparent professional advice integral in our decision making on such assignments and would happily recommend their services to our partners and clients alike. They continue to be our preferred corporate services provider and look forward to developing our working relationship with the Rosemont team further."


Nirav Shah, C.A, founder of Fame Advisory, Dubai.

"As a corporate & tax advisory firm focused on internationally active private clients, it is absolutely essential for us to work with the right partners that can deliver reliable cost efficient execution services. It has been fantastic working with the Rosemont team on a variety of wealth succession structures especially the ADGM Foundations and SPVs."

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We are the experienced professional business advisors which will help you set up your company in Saudi Arabia.

If you want to benefit from Saudi’s Arabia commercial advantage, come with us and learn how to do business setup in Saudi Arabia for foreigners. This way you will learn all the necessary steps to take your organization to the next level. Throughout we will guide you with documents and procedures to do a successful company formation in Saudi Arabia.

Neom Project – US$ 500 Billion
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Neom is a $500 billion high-tech city located in north-western Saudi Arabia. Major infrastructure work is ongoing, including an airport, wind-turbines alternative energy network, extensive roads network, and housing facilities and tourism projects. Neom will house areas dedicated to the development of future technologies in 16 sectors. Amongst its projects will also be THE LINE futuristic city to be home to one million people. The project is planned for completion by 2025.

Wondering how to set up a business in Saudi Arabia?

To operate legally in the KSA, you must complete the registration stages:

The primary registration consists of requesting permission to own a business in the Kingdom's territory. During this stage, the company owners must apply for attestation of a contract on the MISA’s website. Then, they submit the mandatory documents to Saudi Arabia’s consulate including the company name registration and the new articles of association.

Why is this the perfect timing to own a business in Saudi Arabia?

Few countries can claim to have as ambitious plans for the future as Saudi Arabia.
A number of mega-projects are set to come to fruition in the next decade, which will change not only the kingdom’s landscapes but, in many cases, the day-to-day lives of residents, too.
From the parks and metro lines to the world’s tallest structure, there are 15 new mega projects shaping the future of Saudi Arabia.

Over 1.3 trillion US$ in mega projects, and a private sector on the way to a sustainable, resilient recovery, are driving the building sectors widespread opportunities. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is witnessing an unprecedented construction and urban mega projects boom that will reshape the future of the Kingdom and the region. 

The Benefits of Starting a Business in Saudi Arabia

Tax Benefits
Welcoming Environment
Safety, security and standard of living
Broad Economy

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